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 Dahla, Protection Warrior

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PostSubject: Dahla, Protection Warrior   Dahla, Protection Warrior EmptySun Aug 23, 2009 9:40 pm

Personal Info

Age: 18
Country: England
Other information you want to add, like a bit about yourself: I've just finnished my first year studying for my Btech Diploma in IT, and have on more year to continue studying. I'm working part time volunteering at a care-home, mainly for the work experience, im teaching the inhabitants to use computers so they can e-mail their loved ones, and keep in contact with family easily. I'm fairly easy going, spending my free time with friends, or watching/playing cricket, and rugby in winter, and playing warcraft. I'm a huge fan of music, and listen to most modern music, ranging from, Rise Against to Jack Johnson.

Character Details

Name: Dalha
Class: Warrior
Race: Orc

Gear(link your Blizzard Armory Profile or Wow-heroes):-
Talentspec(link your Blizzard Armory Profile):- It's currently a very heavy 5man orientated spec, but im going to drop my arms offspec and drop two points from arms and put them in protection to get the reduce shield wall cooldown, and also re-glyph and get Glyph of Shield Wall. Having these two builds will allow me to maintank when needed and also effectively offtank adds effectively.

Professions:-Mining/Blacksmithing, i'm planning on leveling Cooking/Fishing this week since i no longer have my Fishing/Cooking alt available to me, due to being on my old realm.
First Aid:- Unfortunatly, i don't.


Previous guilds, and why you left them? :- My only previous guild with Dahla was Drama on my old realm, where i was just an alt.

Realms and duration:- Kor'gall; this was where Dahla was leveled up, with my main back then, and other alts, would of been roughly 2months. I was on Kor'gall for most of my wow play time, and is the only server i've really played on, until Aszune.

Why you want to join us? :- I came to Aszune to mainly do heroics with friends of mine who are on Aszune, but the guild they are in (Eq12) is overpopulated with tanks, and although i could of joined as a casual, i've found playing warrior a lot more enjoyable than Protection Paladin, and really want to adopt Dahla as a main, and raid with her.

Contacs/People you know in the guild:- Noone i don't think, i've been running a lot of heroics though, so one or two of your members may have bumped into me then.


What will you bring to our guild and our raids?:- I'm just going to openly admit this, as far as progression raiding goes, i've always played the role as the offtank, and never really been the tank in the driving seat during new encounters, so i'm still adapt this into my game play. I have main-tanked many encounters but once they are on farm status. The thing with this, i'm really keen to improve and add progression tanking to the list of things i can do. I'm a perfectionist, and this has rubbed off on a lot of my gameplay, i'm never happy with bopping around at 3k tps just above warlocks, i want to be the one that's got a steady amount of aggro built, without making the dps wait. I aim to get my Fishing/Cooking up asap since i know how valuable the buffs they give are to a player, i always buy flasks before a raid and i'm also considering dropping Mining/Blacksmithing to take up alchemy, now Dahla is bassicaly alone on Aszune as far as my alts go. I always use to be able to supply Dahla with food buffs/Flasks from other alts. I'm a friendly guy, and always want to find new friends, i'm patient to an extent and can handle waiting, and some of the mis-haps that occur during raids.

Your goals in this game and what are your plans for raiding:- I really love heroics and 10mans, and i really want to complete Glory of the Hero and really get stuck into 10man hardmodes, whether it be Naxx 10 Glory of the Raider, or Ulduar 10 hardmodes. Although i enjoy 25mans, and yes i get kicks out of them, they always seem a bit more of a chore to me than 10mans/heroics. This wouldn't affect my attendance, but it does mean i enjoy raiding when it's a healthy mix of content.

Are you able to supply yourself with foodconsumables, flask and potions in between raids?:- Yes i will be able to, i'll be buying flasks and food until im self sufficient enough.

Days you are online able to raid between 19-23 (in general)?:- I'll be able to attend nearly every raid aslong as there is a calender invite up 2-3 days before hand.

Frost Resistance:- 350

Able to keep high attendence in a long run ?:- Yes, but if i need any breaks, for holidays etc.. i will inform an officer before hand, with atleast a 2-3week notice.

Raiding Experience:

  • Naxxramas 10/25 - Cleared

  • Malygos 10/25 - Cleared (On my paladin)

  • Sartharion 10/25 (with drakes up) - Just Normal Sarth

  • Ulduar 10/25 - Upto Yogg-Saron 10man got onto phase 3, and went through that well, the enrage timer beat us though (On my Paladin)

  • VoA 10/25 -Only Archavon and Emalon.

What addons do you see as most important?:-
  • Omen, helps me keep an eye on my current tps against dps and offtanks.

  • DBM, clear and easy understanding of the going on in a boss encounter, both with the boss, and the players around me.

  • Tankadintps, helps me reflect on my raid performance, and helps me to see where i need to improve.

Able to listen to Ventrilo?:- Yes

Able to speak on Ventrilo?:- Yes

Level of English:- b at GCSE - so pretty good

Other comments:- Here is an armoury link to my paladin:'gall&n=Lawzie

Also, i know my boots need upgrading and i'm not at the soft expertise cap, i'm after a pair of boots from Toc normal, and have been farming them for 4days now and are still to drop. Once i get these it will raise my expertise to 25 (with gem)
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PostSubject: Re: Dahla, Protection Warrior   Dahla, Protection Warrior EmptyMon Aug 24, 2009 12:31 pm

Just an update

I've been playing around with a UA spec single target threat, and although i havn't been able to encounter any raid bosses and implement this spec it has certainly worked in heroics for boss fights, and i've been pushing high dps aswell as threat!

With this i'm duel speccing UA and 15/3/53 (with glyph of last stand and shield wall).

Anyway, i look forward to getting a reply soonish

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PostSubject: Re: Dahla, Protection Warrior   Dahla, Protection Warrior EmptyMon Aug 24, 2009 11:29 pm

Try to move your apply to the new forum Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Dahla, Protection Warrior   Dahla, Protection Warrior EmptyTue Aug 25, 2009 1:10 am

Although the recruitment forum is moved to we can give you the feedback of your application here.

We are sorry to inform you that we have to decline your application and cant offer you a spot in the tanked and spanked raidingforce. We dont have any spots open for a prot warrior nor a dps warrior. We wish you luck in finding your new raidinghome.

Dahla, Protection Warrior Sig-873840
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PostSubject: Re: Dahla, Protection Warrior   Dahla, Protection Warrior Empty

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Dahla, Protection Warrior
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