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 Pianoz Paladin-Holy/protection

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PostSubject: Pianoz Paladin-Holy/protection   Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:44 pm

Personal Info

Age: Im 17 years old.
Country: I come from Denmark
Other information you want to add, like a bit about yourself: My name is Casper.

Character Details

Name: Pianoz
Class: Paladin - Holy/protection
Race: Bloodelf

Gear []
Talentspec []
If it havent been updating armory then i have now my gluphs and enchants and rare sockets filled.


Previous guilds, and why you left them? :
My previous guild is "The Horned Fist" and i left it because we only did ulduar10
and only cleared like 5 bosses.

Realms and duration:
i have only played on Aszune and i started to play on Pianoz when Wotlk came out.

Why you want to join us? :
cause i have only heard good things about the guild "Tanked and Spanked" and because i know your
raiding Uldaur 10/25 and are clearing many bosses

Contacs/People you know in the guild:
i only know Korlic as i meet in a Voa25 raid he was very nice and friendly.


What will you bring to our guild and our raids?:
im always happy when we im raiding and when it's guild runs and a item is
dropped and it's a item i can use then i wont be mad if another 1 gets it cause i love when guildies gets upgrades it will
cher me up cause then i know the guild will become better geared.

Your goals in this game and what are your plans for raiding:
i want to raid Ulduar cause im tired of naxx-os-voa raids as i
really dont need much gear from the raids.

Are you able to supply yourself with foodconsumables, flask and potions in between raids?:
i always buy food and flask to
raids but nerver buy potions but tho i have always some mana potions on me.

Days you are online able to raid between 19-23 (in general)?:
Satuday sunday monday tursday freday.

Frost Resistance:
i haven't been working on my frost resistance as my old guild didn't tryed to down hodir but i will get
some frost resistance gear crafted in no time

Able to keep high attendence in a long run ?:
yearh i can play for a long time before i really have to do something els.

Raiding Experience:

Naxxramas 10/25 - i have cleared both and got some achievements from there
Malygos 10/25 - know the tacts but nerver really got it cleared
Sartharion 10/25 (with drakes up) - cleared both and done 25 with 1drake
Ulduar 10/25 - done kolegarn and IC on 25man and done like 5 bosses on 10man
VoA 10/25 - cleared both emalon and old boss 10 and 25

What addons do you see as most important?: Dbm, atlas loot, recount dps meter, omen (if tanking),

Able to listen to Ventrilo?: i have no problems to listen to it all works fine

Able to speak on Ventrilo?: i have 2 computers the 1 of them got no mic but the other 1 got 1 but tho have some trouples
with Ventrilo

Level of English: i speak exelent english but have some trouples at writing english some words i can find hard to understand

Other comments: i know most of tacts in ulduar 10 and 25 as i see lots of tacts on
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PostSubject: Re: Pianoz Paladin-Holy/protection   Thu Jul 16, 2009 2:33 am

Hello and thanks for your application.

We will look into it and will have an answer shortly.
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PostSubject: Re: Pianoz Paladin-Holy/protection   Thu Jul 16, 2009 6:44 am

Only seen Holy gear so cant comment on your prot gear. Should change to better gems and you have some very weird enchants(lv enchanting or arent sure of what to use?) on gear and miss enchants(head,boots).
This needs to be corrected "if" you get a trial. If unsure about what to use contact a holy pala in guild and ask for advice mayby.

Can you pls log out in tank gear or contact me in game so i can see it? As i guess thats the role we would need you most in atm. And mayby have a small chat about tanking too=)
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PostSubject: Re: Pianoz Paladin-Holy/protection   Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:23 am

i dunno all what to have as enchants in holy and ill log out next time in tank gear an getting all my gear enchanted within this week.
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PostSubject: Re: Pianoz Paladin-Holy/protection   Fri Jul 17, 2009 2:59 pm

We down most bosses on wednesdays, is there some way that you can attend those raids in the future?
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PostSubject: yes but most in the holiday   Sat Jul 18, 2009 9:14 pm

well in the summer i can like do raids every day except if im traveling but when my school starts agian i can raid to about 23:00 realm time
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PostSubject: Holy not Prot   Mon Jul 20, 2009 3:18 am

Btw i have been thinking about the apply and would like to change it cause tanking is just not me dont really like it atm so i can apply as Holy and not Prot then it would be nice.
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PostSubject: Re: Pianoz Paladin-Holy/protection   Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:33 pm

We will look into it.

However if u cant raid on Wednesdays we arent interested. So please answer that question with a clear answer, seeing u are already quite too undergeared for what we do, having u missing all farmbosses on wednesdays wont give us a chance to equip u faster in case we decide to give u a trial.

Also there are STILL lack of enchants on even your Holy gear.
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PostSubject: Re: Pianoz Paladin-Holy/protection   Tue Jul 21, 2009 10:40 am

Still lack of enchants and no reply!

We have come to the decision to decline your application.

Good luck finding another guild.
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PostSubject: Re: Pianoz Paladin-Holy/protection   

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Pianoz Paladin-Holy/protection
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